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close up image of balinese cat

How Do Balinese Cats Act? 10 Personality Facts

The Balinese cat is one of the most adored cats within the cat-lover community and once you learn more about them, I guarantee you will understand why.  These cats are known for their sleek coats, hypnotic blue eyes, and silly personalities. When they aren’t exploring new areas in your home you can find them sprawled […]

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Can Cats Eat Sushi

Can Cats Eat Sushi?

If pop culture has taught us anything, it’s that cats love fish. More than any other human food, we are told that cats – especially cartoon cats –  can’t say no to fish of any kind. But, is this really true? Every type of cat food and treat has some kind of fish flavor, so […]

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Can Cats Eat Bananas

Can Cats Eat Bananas?

This content has been reviewed and approved by our in-house Veterinarian for accuracy Humans love bananas on their cereal and oatmeal, on their peanut butter sandwiches, and even as a snack all by themselves. But, unlike monkeys and even some dogs, cats are not known for their love of the popular fruit. However, there are […]

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Can Cats Eat Pizza

Can Cats Eat Pizza?

This content has been reviewed and approved by our in-house Veterinarian for accuracy Pizza is a gift from God. Nothing can beat a slice of ooey-gooey cheesy goodness topped with meat and veggies, and that makes it the perfect comfort food for any time day or night. It is in no way healthy, but that’s […]

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can cats eat corn

Can Cats Eat Corn?

Yummy, sweet and juicy! Yes, corn is perhaps the most commonly eaten food by humans may be becoming quite popular with your cat. Corn is a type of cereal plant that today many people speculate whether or not it is good for our pets. Why wouldn’t it be? Corn and corn gluten is found in […]

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Can cats get parvo virus

Can Cats Get Parvo Virus?

Ever wonder what’s the purpose of certain vaccines for your cat? What do they do? Does your cat really need them? Well the main purpose of vaccines is to stimulate a cat’s immune system in order to generate sufficient antibodies that will provide immunity to common viral infections present in your area.  Just like human […]

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Can cats eat turkey

Can Cats Eat Turkey?

Many people believe turkey is one of the healthiest types of meat people can consume. Turkey is high protein and low in fat. But is turkey good for cats to eat? In this article we’ll cover the following; Cats and Turkey, What You Need to Know Can Cats Eat Turkey Lunch Meat? Can Kittens Eat […]

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can cats eat coconut oil

Can Cats Eat Coconut Oil?

A recent new fad has arrived in the pet-parent world. I’ve heard many clients and customers tell me about the multiple benefits coconut oil has for their dogs and cats.  Though coconut oil may have some small effect on relieving itchy dry skin topically, there is actually not much evidence to suggest it’s benefits when […]

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how much do cat vaccinations cost

How Much Do Cat Vaccinations Cost?

Coughing, sneezing, puking, diarrhea, or even death, are all things cat owners want to keep their cat from experiencing. Diseases can cause these things and luckily, we have a way to avoid them. Vaccines contain a killed or weakened organism that stimulates the production of antibodies against the organism that could cause severe damage or […]

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why do cats put ears back

Why Do Cats Put Their Ears Back?

Every creature on God’s good Earth has a way of communicating to the rest of the world.  As humans use the spoken word, cats use their body language.  It’s important to understand these slight signals, especially as cat owners. Understanding a cat’s body language allows you to predict the possible reactions of your cat and […]

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