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how often do cats urinate

How Often Do Cats Urinate?

So you’ve notice your cat is now urinating outside the litter box? Or perhaps you’re finding your shoes drenched in feline urine. What do you do?  Well, we have all been there. I personally own a rescue cat who urinates a lot and found out that she had been targeting my bed spreads as well. […]

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Why Do Cats Make Good Pets?

Do you consider yourself a cat person? Do you have friends who say dogs make the best pets? Maybe you know people who have other types of pets, like ferrets, snakes or even fish. There a many different kinds of animals people keep as pets, and many might argue their species of pet is the […]

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Why Do Cats Have Tails?

Fluffy, long, and expressive: most cat owners know that our feline friends use their tails for a variety of different things. When they’re annoyed, they flick their tails to and fro and when they are happy they hold them up high. And if you dare to pet your cat on their tail, or, even worse, give […]

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why do cats put ears back

Why Do Cats Put Their Ears Back?

Every creature on God’s good Earth has a way of communicating to the rest of the world.  As humans use the spoken word, cats use their body language.  It’s important to understand these slight signals, especially as cat owners. Understanding a cat’s body language allows you to predict the possible reactions of your cat and […]

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