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Will Cats Kill Ducks

Will Cats Kill Ducks?

If you have spent any time with a cat, it is immediately obvious that their predator instincts lie pretty close to the surface. The way they stalk and pounce on a toy leaves little doubt that they still have a lot of the wild left in them. As natural born hunters, we all know that […]

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Why Do Cats Walk in Front of You

Why Do Cats Walk in Front of You?

Sometimes cats do strange things. From staring at you for seemingly no reason to rolling around after mating, there are a lot of feline behaviors that seem downright perplexing to human beings. One phenomenon that many cat owners notice but struggle to explain is this: cats who walk right in front of you when you’re […]

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Why Do Cats Hate Water

Why Do Cats Hate Water?

Cats are well-known for disliking water about as much as they dislike being caged. In fact, a cat’s hatred for all things wet is so profound that most cat owners don’t even try to give their cat a bath! If you’ve ever tried to get your cat into the kitchen sink for a bath, you […]

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Can Cats Predict The Weather

Can Cats Predict the Weather?

Historically, cats have been assigned various mystical qualities. Ancient Egyptians made the connection between domesticated cats and their cat goddess, Bastet. Americans in Salem believed that witches could transform into cats. To this day, there are numerous tales about magical things that cats can do, such as foreseeing imminent death, predicting the future, and sensing […]

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How Do Cats Jump So High

How Do Cats Jump So High?

Few in the animal kingdom can match the all-around athleticism of the cat. Pound-for-pound, the various cat species are some of the strongest, fastest, and most agile creatures that exist. One example of their awesomeness is the cat’s ability to jump. How do cats jump so high? In this article we’ll cover the following: Cat […]

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Can Cats Kill Snakes

Can Cats Kill Snakes?

On a list of ultimate predators, cats and snakes would surely be near the top. From the largest lions and anacondas down to pygmy rattlesnakes and the tiny rusty-spotted cat, all are efficient hunters and masters of the kill. But, what happens when these two carnivores encounter each other? Can cats kill snakes? In this […]

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Why Do Cats Stare at You

Why Do Cats Stare at You?

All cat owners are familiar with this scene: you’re sitting on the couch, watching TV and minding your own business, when you get an eerie feeling that someone, or something, is watching you. You turn around, feeling a little anxious, only to realize that it’s not your imagination. Your cat is making total, unbreaking, eye […]

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Why Do Cats Have Nine Lives

Why Do Cats Have Nine Lives?

Most people have heard the adage “cats have nine lives.” Have you ever wondered if there is any factual basis to this old legend? The reality is that cats only have one life. But, as we will see below, truth is often stranger than fiction. In this article we’ll cover the following: The Origins of […]

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can cats swim

Can Cats Swim? – Everything You Need To Know

Cats are not known for their love of water. In fact, they’re famous for just the opposite! Cartoons, movies, books, and real life experience have all taught us that the vast majority of cats don’t like getting wet, being in a cage, they hate baths, and they dislike swimming. Disliking water aside, can cats swim? […]

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Why Do Kittens Cry

Why Do Kittens Cry?

If you’ve ever lived with a litter of kittens, you know they aren’t the silent little lambs that many people think they are. In fact, at even just a few days old, kittens can make quite a raucous. Don’t think you need a cage for them! You may hear them cry if you do! Kittens […]

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