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How Do Balinese Cats Act? 10 Personality Facts

The Balinese cat is one of the most adored cats within the cat-lover community and once you learn more about them, I guarantee you will understand why. 

These cats are known for their sleek coats, hypnotic blue eyes, and silly personalities. When they aren’t exploring new areas in your home you can find them sprawled out on a ray of warm sunlight.

But how do they normally act? What are the characteristics that will make you adore them? 

Here are 10 personality facts about this cat that will make you fall in instantly fall in love with them. 

How Do Balinese Cats Act? 10 Personality Facts

balinese cat looking into the distance

Balinese cats are ideal as pets because of their unique personality. Here are 10 personality facts about the Balinese cat.

1. Playful

Balinese cats are some of the most playful cats around. Many people love their outgoing and playful nature, which makes them one of the most popular pet cat breeds.

If you own a Balinese cat or have ever owned one, you would know this as you would have experienced it yourself. It is not the type of cat that would lie around dozing or spend time lying around.

They want their owners to be involved during play and create fun new games for them to solve. Activities like interactive toys, playscapes, food puzzles, and cat furniture are excellent for keeping your cat occupied while you do your work.

2. People-Oriented

You might have noticed a Balinese cat following you everywhere if you have a Balinese cat. This is what they are meant to be; people-oriented.

They will stick by your side whenever possible. So whenever they see you, they will come running to you. They also love to be involved in chats with you and your guests.

They love companionship, and you will never feel alone when you have a Balinese cat with you.

3. Friendly

Although Balinese cats have a very elegant look, they are one of the friendliest cats you’ll meet. They are loveable and affectionate and seem to get along with almost anyone, both people and cats.

They adapt to different people and situations quickly, which is why they take well to strangers. Their friendly nature is also one of the reasons that they are so well-loved as household pets. They are tolerant and are especially good with children.

4. Intelligent And Curious

Balinese cats are well-known for their intelligence. They are also very curious animals who love to be involved in everything. They want to be in the middle and learn about everything.

This curious nature of Balinese cats often leads them to conduct mischief. If there is nothing to be curious about, they get bored and find ways to entertain themselves. It can lead to various mischievous acts to entertain themselves.

5. Energetic And Active

Balinese cats are very energetic and always ready to go. They are a very healthy breed, meaning they are active and have a thirst for adventure.

They love to stay active playing different games and sometimes want their owners to get involved during playtime. They get along well with other cats and dogs because they love to play with them and burn more energy during the day.

With this activity level, you must find a way to keep track of your Balinese cat. They are surely an easy breed to go missing in the blink of an eye.

It would be a good idea to have a GPS tracker attached to your Balinese cat, so you know where it is at any given time. Click here for more info on GPS trackers for your pet.

6. Enjoys Being Around Children

Balinese cats love children and are especially good around them. Children love them, too, and tend to create a strong bond with them.

Their friendly nature with children also makes them ideal as family pets. Your Balinese cat will get along well with your children and be occupied with them.

It gives you more time for your work, as these cats are very attention-seeking. So, keeping them busy with your children is an excellent way to manage your work and time without them constantly purring behind you.

7. Can Sense People’s Moods

It’s a well-known fact that Balinese cats can sense people’s moods. They feel it if you are happy or sad.

They will stay close to you and show their affection at times when you’re feeling blue. Although Balinese cats may be strongly independent, they also like to please their owners and other humans by making them happy.

So, having this cat breed as a pet means that you will not be alone when you feel down. You’ll always have a companion to share your sorrows with and make you feel better. 

8. Craves Human Attention

Balinese cats love to be the center of attention wherever they go. They crave their owner’s attention and sometimes even strangers.

They want to feel that they are loved and cared for. Their friendly and playful nature compliments this particular personality trait of theirs.

9. Needs Company

Balinese cats love to be in the company of others. It could be cats, dogs, or people. They want to be constantly involved in something with someone. 

10. Vocal

Balinese cats are pretty chatty and vocal. However, it is slightly less than the extent to which Siamese cats become vocal.

This particular trait also makes them good family pets as they enjoy the company of their families and all of the chatting.

Physical Traits Of Balinese Cats

Balinese cat looking at you

Balinese cats look very similar to Siamese cats, except for having long hair. Their body shapes are similar, but modern Balinese cats have longer bodies with slanted blue eyes and pointed ears.

A significant difference between the modern Balinese cat and the original one is that the former has a wedge-shaped head while the other has an apple-shaped head.

The original Balinese cat has small pointed ears and round eyes. They both have a very athletic nature. They have a long tail and a reasonably well-built physique.

The modern Balinese cat weighs approximately 5 to 8 pounds, while the original one is bigger, weighing 16 pounds. The males tend to be bigger than the females.

Origin Of Balinese Cats

The Balinese cat is believed to have been developed from a Siamese cat through a genetic mutation. It is the reason they both look pretty similar.

Long-haired Siamese cats came on as their breed in the 1950s. It was done by breeders Sylvia Holland, Marion Dorsey, and Helen Smith. 

Helen Smith named the breed ‘Balinese’ after traditional dancers in Bali who were renowned for their intricately-designed costumes and slender movements.

In 1970, the Cat Fanciers’ Association recognized the breed, and the International Cat Association did the same in 1979.

How To Care For A Balinese Cat? 

You need to put extra attention into taking care of a Balinese cat. These cats are energetic and active, so they love to play. You must have toys, scratching posts, and more related things to keep it entertained.

They are intelligent cats, so you can train them quickly using positive reinforcement methods. 

Their medium-length silky coat does shed seasonally. However, they do not require regular maintenance as some other breeds do. Brushing off dead hair once a week is sufficient to keep their coat in good condition.

Balinese cats require a high-quality, balanced diet with proper portion control to avoid becoming obese. They are picky eaters and prefer a wet diet to a dry kibble.

If they are on a wet diet, you need to consider their oral hygiene regime more to prevent gum disease development.

Ensure to give foods rich in protein, fiber, and vitamins. Giving your cat a treat is fine, as long as it is done occasionally. 

Common Health Problems In Balinese Cats

Balinese cats are generally healthy. However, they do have some hereditary conditions that they are prone to develop, including the following:

  • Eye problems: Progressive Retinal Atrophy is one of the Balinese cats’ most common health issues. Another problem is that these cats are prone to being cross-eyed and developing Glaucoma condition.
  • Respiratory problems: Balinese cats are prone to developing respiratory issues, including asthma or bronchial infections.
  • Liver Amyloidosis: This condition involves proteins being deposited in the liver, thereby impacting the functioning of the liver. It can ultimately lead to liver failure.
  • Heart problems: Cardiac issues in Balinese cats include Dilated Cardiomyopathy.
  • Neurological issues: Neurological problems that Balinese cats are prone to include Hyperesthesia. This condition causes excessive licking and grooming in cats. It also causes Nystagmus, which leads to rapid eye movement.

Final Thoughts

Balinese cats act as fantastic household pets. Their friendly nature and positive personality traits make them ideal as loving pets.

They crave the attention of their owners and even strangers. They are friendly, playful, and energetic, which means that they need to be active all the time.

You need to find creative ways to keep them entertained so that they burn all the energy inside them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Balinese Cats Friendly?

Balinese cats are incredibly playful and friendly. They love to be the center of attention and prefer to be around people.

How Smart Are Balinese Cats?

Balinese cats are highly-intelligent and curious cats. They constantly want to be in the middle of things and crave attention.

Are Balinese Cats Active?

Balinese cats are active and vocal. They have a lot of energy to release by playing and being active. Cat trees and high perches are must-haves if you have a Balinese cat at home.

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