How to Become a Cat Kingpin Certified ​Groomer

The Cat Kingpin ​​groomer certification is a prestigious title given to those who have shown that they are truly dedicated to​ the care of the care and well-being of the cats that they ​render their services to.  Our primary goal here at Cat Kingpin is focused on preserving the health and safety of all cat breeds and those who are considered certified cat ​groomers on our website share those same ideals.  When a ​​groomer becomes certified with us they’ll be more trusted by our website visitors, their​ cat ​groomer listing will ​have premium placement, and they’ll get more leads for their ​cat ​grooming program – this is all 100% FREE and we never charge a fee.In order to become a Cat Kingpin certified ​groomer, the information below is what you need to know.


There is absolutely no cost involved with our ​cat ​groomer certification program.  We do not require monthly or yearly fees to be a certified ​​groomer  The goal of the isn’t to make money, it’s primary focus is, and always will be, to ensure the well-being of all cat breeds.


We’ve taken the time to create a certified​ ​groomer agreement which is an important document that we require our certified ​groomers to adhere to.  This agreement outlines the best practices and rules of ​being a cat ​groomer.  Agreeing and adhering to our Certified ​​groomer agreement shows that the ​cat ​groomer shares in our ideals and wants the absolute best for the​​ cats they ​render services to.


We strongly believe that those who are serious about their ​cat ​grooming program should invest time and effort into an established online presence.  What this means is that the ​groomer has created a website at a bare minimum.  In addition to a website, our certified ​​groomers may also have a Facebook page, be involved regularly on other social media platforms such as Twitter or Instagram, created a “My Business” profile in Google, be a member of ​various pet ​grooming associations, or have profiles on other websites that encourage reviews, such as Yelp.  When a ​cat ​groomer has a digital presence, they are encouraging third-parties to learn more about them and, in many cases, allowing reviews to be placed about their ​pet ​grooming program.  This willingness and openness to reviews shows that the ​cat ​groomer has nothing to hide or be ashamed of with their program.


Though we don’t request any fees from our certified ​cat ​groomers, we do require that they show us some support.  Doing so is easy and all that it required is a link from your website to our own.  This can be in the form of text, but we also provide you with a digital certified ​cat ​groomer badge (please don’t use that badge on your website, it’s just an example).We will give further details about this once you have contacted us and we’ve reviewed your program.Please DO NOT state you are “certified” on your website if you are not.  We have monitoring tools in place and reserve the right to take legal action against those who purposely misinform or try to “trick” potential adopters with our ​cat ​grooming certification.


If you agree to the requirements above, the last step of the process is to contact us directly and apply.  Once you contact us, we will complete a thorough review of your ​pet ​grooming program to confirm you have an established online presence and your program is in good standing.  Please note, in the event that we do not accept you as a certified ​cat ​groomer, we will explain what the issue is and allow you to reapply after 30 days.