Best Place for Cat Litter Box

Best Place for Cat Litter Box

Choosing where to place your cat’s litter box, while it may seem very simple, is actually a very important decision. Cats can live upwards of twenty years, and once they get used to a certain spot for their litter box it’s not a good idea to move it around too much. So, you’ll want to choose wisely!

There are a lot of things to take into consideration when deciding where to place your cat’s litter box, and much of it will depend on what type of home you have, how many cats you have, and what kind of litter box you decide to purchase.

In this article, we’ll cover the following:

  • What is the Best Place For a Cat Litter Box?
  • Where Shouldn’t I Put the Litter Box?
  • Where to Put an Open Cat Litter Box?
  • Where to Put a Covered Cat Litter Box?
  • Where to Put a Litter Box if You Have Multiple Cats

What is the Best Place For a Cat Litter Box?

The fact that cats use litter boxes is one of the many reasons we love them so much. Cleaning a box is much easier than going for daily walks or going out “treasure hunting” in the yard with a big scoop.

But you shouldn’t just plop the box down wherever you feel like it. No matter your living situation, there are a few general guidelines about where you should put your cat’s litter box:

  1. Find a quiet spot. Would you want to do your business in a place where people are constantly walking around, talking, and watching? Probably not! Cats are private creatures and will seek out a peaceful place when nature calls.
  2. Choose a place where you won’t be disturbed by any odors, so a place where you don’t spend much time.
  3. Choose a room where your cat can enjoy a relatively unobstructed view of the entire room. Cats are very aware of their surroundings when doing their business, and will feel safer if they are able to see everything that’s going on around them. This is especially important if there are two cats or more.
  4. Consider what kind of flooring your home has. Cats like to dig around in their litter, so putting the cat box in a room with carpet may be a bad idea.

If your cat has arthritis or any type of mobility issues, you may also like this article about the best litter box for arthritic cats.

Where Shouldn’t I Put the Cat Litter Box?

Common sense dictates that there are some places where a cat litter box simply doesn’t belong.

The kitchen isn’t really an ideal spot for the litter box, mostly for hygienic reasons.

You should also avoid putting the litter box in a part of your home that experiences heavy traffic, such as the living room or the hallway. Too much commotion will discourage your cat from “going” in the box, and you may find they choose to do their business elsewhere (and the place your cat chooses won’t be a good one!).

Avoid putting the cat litter box in your bedroom. If your cat needs to use the litter box during the night, the sound of their scratching and digging around in the litter may wake you up. Plus, if you spend a lot of time in there, the smell will start to get to you.

Where to Put an Open Cat Litter Box

Open litter boxes are a little trickier to place than covered ones. This is mostly because there is less odor control and it’s more likely that your cat will send litter flying everywhere.

Why buy an open cat litter box to begin with? Well, some cats simply prefer it. Many cats don’t like the feeling of being “enclosed” that accompanies a covered cat litter box and will refuse to use them.

If you have open cat litter boxes in your home, such as the IRIS Open Top Cat Litter Box (which is easy to clean and includes a shield to help stop your cat from flinging litter everywhere), here are a few tips on finding the best place to put it:

  1. As with all litter boxes, take care to choose a quiet place to put your cat’s litter box.
  2. Be prepared for litter to go everywhere. Place your open litter box in a place that is easily cleaned (so, tile rather than carpet).
  3. Get a litter box pad to make clean up easier.

This cat is “digging to China” in his litterbox, so it’s easy to see why putting the litterbox on an easy-t0-clean surface is best.

Where to Put a Covered Cat Litter Box

Cats and cat owners often have different feelings on covered cat litter boxes. Many cat owners prefer a covered litter box to an uncovered litter box. Covered litter boxes, such as the Van Ness Odor Control Cat Pan, offer better odor control, are a little more discreet, and prevent the unwanted scattering of cat litter.

On the other hand, some cats don’t like the feeling of being “enclosed,” as many of them like to dig around and will want a free range of movement.

If you choose a covered cat litter box for your cat you will have more options when deciding where to keep it.

As with all types of cat litter boxes, you should place the box in a low-traffic area of the home, in a room that you can easily keep clean.

But covered boxes offer a little more flexibility. While a little bit of litter on the floor is inevitable, covered litter boxes drastically reduce the amount of litter that gets sprayed out of the box when your cat is digging around.

If your cat isn’t able to dig in their litter box… they may dig in the litter bag instead!

Where to Put a Litter Box if You Have Multiple Cats

First of all, you should absolutely have more than one litter box if you have more than one cat.

Cats don’t generally like to “go” in a litter box that isn’t clean, and with two kitties in the house, the box is likely to fill up faster than with just one.

You can place the two boxes next to each other if you want (though be sure to keep them in a quiet part of the home).

If you prefer, you can also space them out throughout your home. This can be a good strategy, especially if your cats tend to hang out in different rooms. It can also help to have them spaced out in case one is in use, so there are more options without having to “go” right next to another cat.

With multiple cats, it’s worth considering a self-cleaning box, such as the PetSafe Scoop Free Litter Box. These can be a lifesaver even if you only have one cat, but with two cats it’s even more convenient to prevent them from going elsewhere when the litter box gets dirty quickly.

On a side note, if you’re tired of scooping everything each day, we suggest you check out our best sifting litter box review.  This will limit the amount of scooping and make cleaning the litter box a much easier process.

So, what is the best place for a cat litter box?

The decision on where to place your cat’s litter box is a personal one and will depend a lot on the type of home you live in, the type of litter box you choose, and your cat’s personal preferences.

Generally speaking though, you should always put the litter box in a quiet area of your house, one that is free from foot traffic and lots of noise.

You should also consider the flooring of the room in question and put your litter box in a room that is easy to clean (though a closed litter box like the Van Ness Odor Control Cat Pan and a litter box pad will go a long way in keeping the floor clean).

If you have more than one cat, consider having multiple litter boxes placed in quiet areas throughout your home.


Have you found the perfect location for your cat’s litter box? Let us know! We want to hear about it in the comments.

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