British Shorthair Cat Breeders in Rhode Island

When looking for British Shorthair Cat breeders in Rhode Island, it is important to find an ethical, registered cattery who specializes in the breed and understands their personality traits and how best to care for them. We highly recommend finding a breeder in your area. A local British Shorthair Cat breeder will ask questions about your household makeup, location and other key questions to help find you the right fit. You'll get to ask them questions, too - see our FAQs at the bottom of this page for what to ask.

Here at Cat Kingpin, we have done the research for you so you can find the most reputable British Shorthair Cat catteries in Rhode Island and start the journey towards getting your new kitten. Below is our complete list of British Shorthair Cat breeders in Rhode Island with kittens for sale, first as a summary then with additional details:

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NorthEast Cats British Shorthair Wakefield

NorthEast Cats British Shorthair

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From the breeder:

Breeding the best possible British Shorthairs. How? Parental Genetic testing of kidneys (PKD), Blood (FeLV/FIV) and Heart Cardiologist scanned (HCM) and 200 other Diseases…so your baby is safe. What Else? We show to bring you beautiful AND healthy cats who look the way they should when all grown up, and are proven through certified Judges to be structurally sound from bones to teeth. Results? Regional #1 winners and Internationally top 10 numerous times. More? Extreme care in Socialization. So important to have adaptable and engaging family members from our home to your home for years to come.

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Catteries are typically family-run, and sometimes there just aren't enough options near you. If our listed options for British Shorthair Cats in Rhode Island weren't enough, consider try considering another breed, a nearby state for this British Shorthair Cats, or asking our Facebook group!

What are British Shorthair Cats like?

British Shorthair cats are known for their soft, plush coats and rounded physical appearance. Weighing between 7-17 pounds and up to 25 inches long, these cats are on the larger side but vary in size. They are often pictured as gray, however Registered British Shorthair breeders will have kittens for sale with almost any fur color and variation including white, black, red, blue, cream and cinnamon.

British Shorthairs are extremely loyal cats, although not the most affectionate. You will often find them sitting next to you, not on your lap. They will develop close attachments with all humans in the house. They are playful but relatively independent cats, not requiring constant attention. British Shorthairs like to keep an eyeful watch over the home, ideally from a cat tree.

FAQs when considering British Shorthair Cats

How much do British Shorthair Cats cost in Rhode Island?

As a sought-after breed, British Shorthair Cats for sale in Rhode Island cost between $1,200 and $2,300. A cat’s price is based on its pedigree, coat quality, age, health and vaccination history. If an British Shorthair Cat’s parents are show-winning, they can be even more expensive.

Are British Shorthair cats good apartment pets?

Yes, British Shorthair cats can make great apartment pets. They are generally calm, low-maintenance cats that do not require a lot of space or exercise. They are content to spend their days lounging in a sunny spot or cuddled up next to their owner. However, like all cats, they still require mental and physical stimulation to stay happy and healthy, such as toys, scratching posts, and playtime.

What should I ask to choose the right British Shorthair Cat breeder?

While there are many people in Rhode Island who claim to be ethical British Shorthair Cat breeders, not all hold a standard that you can feel great about. Asking some relevant questions about their philosophy will ensure you avoid British Shorthair Cat breeders that do this only for financial gain, not having the interests of the cats or you in mind. Make sure you ask about:

  • Health history of the parents and vaccinations. They should have their first vaccinations by the time they're adopted.
  • Whether they've bred their British Shorthair Cats with other breeds (they should disclose this and it would make it not a purebred lien.
  • Have the socialized the kitten among other kittens?
  • Do they belong to a Rhode Island British Shorthair Cat breed club? You can ask for references from the club.

Why does it matter if I buy from a registered British Shorthair Cat breeder?

When you buy from a registered British Shorthair Cat breeder (with either their local British Shorthair Cat club, governing body, or TICA/CFA), that ensures that a standard of care and expertise is enforced. You can ask them about a wide range of topics such as the British Shorthair Cat’s genealogy, the right kitten for you, common health problems with British Shorthair Cats to look out for. We offer additional registration through our Cat Kingpin Certified program as well, although it's not a replacement for other registrations.

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