Why Do Cats Roll After Mating

Why Do Cats Roll After Mating?

The vast majority of cat owners spay or neuter their cats. And for good reason! There are millions and millions of homeless cats in the United States, and as good cat owners, we try our very hardest not to contribute to this population.

However, if you have intact cats that you breed accidentally or on purpose, you’re likely to be treated to a variety of strange mating behaviors.

In fact, first-time observers may be distressed to find out that feline romance doesn’t resemble human romantic interactions in the slightest. In fact, kitty mating can be downright odd to someone who doesn’t know what they’re looking at!

In this article, we’ll cover the following:

  • Why Do Cats Roll After Mating?
  • What Are Common Mating Behaviors in Cats?
  • How Do You Know if Your Cats Have Mated? 

Why Do Cats Roll After Mating?

Only female cats will roll after mating. The male cat, once his job is done, often hightails it out of there as fast as possible.

After a mating has occurred, female cats will often furiously roll around on the floor. They’ll rub their faces and bodies on the floor, the couch, and whatever else they can come into contact with.

It may seem like an odd thing to do after sex (let’s all breath a collective sigh of relief that this doesn’t generally occur in human interactions), but female cats know where they’re doing.

After intercourse, female cats are overcome with a frenzy of hormones. This rolling around may be a release of all that nervous and excess energy.

It may also be a way for a female cat to rid herself of the smell of her male counterpart. Because female cats can mate once every 30 minutes or so (which is why some kittens from the same litter have different fathers) she wants to be sweet and clean for her next suitor. A male cat will be unlikely to approach her if she still smells like another male.

If you notice your female cat rolling all over the floor after mating, don’t worry! It’s totally normal and she will likely stop after ten minutes or so.

Here’s a cat rolling around, though it’s clear she hasn’t actually just mated:

What Are Common Mating Behaviors in Cats?

If you’ve never seen two cats mating before, you’re in for a big surprise.

Far from the furry romance we’ve seen in Disney movies, cat copulation can be surprisingly violent and loud.

Cats have a tendency to be very vocal while mating. Whether this is out of pain or ecstasy remains up for debate, but you’ll likely to be able to hear them all throughout the house.

In the days before mating occurs, female cats may rub themselves all over the house provocatively, present themselves to male cats that they come across. She may tease the male cat, avoiding them and then pursuing them and vice versa.

When the two cats are ready for the big show, the male cat will often grab the female by the nape of the neck. Hissing and other aggressive noises may ensue. If so, don’t be worried: it’s perfectly normal.

In fact, trying to separate two cats that are in the process of mating may result in the cat becoming aggressive towards whoever is trying to separate them. If you catch your cats mating illicitly, be very careful when trying to separate them.

Cats may mate multiple times if not separated. Once they’ve finished, the female cat will begin to roll around frantically and the male will retreat to clean himself in private.

This female cat is in heat and wants everyone to know it!

How Do You Know if Your Cats Have Mated?

Since we’ve already described how loud and raucous kitty mating can be, it’s unlikely you won’t notice your cats mating if you’re in the same house when it occurs.

If you miss the moment of carnal passion, however, it can be hard to determine whether or not your cats have mated and subsequently conceived a litter of kittens.

Cat pregnancy only lasts around 63 days, so you’ll find out if your cat is pregnant soon enough! Kittens are most often born during the warmer months, but kitty mating can take place any day of the year.

If you are a cat breeder, you may consider investing in an ultrasound machine for pets. While they can be very pricey, they are an invaluable tool when determining whether or not your cat is pregnant. You may even be able to estimate how many kittens she’s having!

So, what can I expect when my cats mate?

Feline copulation can seem a little scary if you don’t know what to expect or are witnessing it for the first time. Cats aren’t terribly romantic, and the act of mating may be loud, frenzied, or even violent.

You can definitely expect your female cat to roll around frantically after she has successfully mated with a male cat. If your male cat scurries away after doing the deed, don’t worry! That’s also totally normal.

It’s important not to project our human feelings on our cats during the mating process. While it may seem insensitive or even cruel to us, cats are very prolific breeders and know exactly what they are doing. Your best bet is to not interrupt them or, if you really want to stop the process, take extreme care in safely separating them.

If you’re a frequent breeder and are wondering whether or not your kitty breeding has been successful, you may want to invest in an ultrasound machine to eliminate some of the guesswork!

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