best cat litter for long haired cats

Best Cat Litter For Long-Haired Cats

Long haired cat breeds like Persian, Birman, Maine Coon, and Ragamuffin are beautiful pets, but if you are the proud parent of a long haired cat breed, you know that it can be extremely difficult to keep their fur clean and clear of litter and poop.

Let’s be honest, no matter how much you love your fur baby, you don’t want them tracking litter and waste all over the house. But, if the cat litter you are using has light or fine particles, it’s going to get caught in your cat’s hair.

You will be happy to know that there are litter products on the market made specifically for long haired cats. After a ton of research, we have found the best cat litter for long haired cats. So, keep reading to find the best one for you and your pet.

You would think that with so many long haired cat breeds, there would be dozens of litter products specifically for them on the market. But, the choices are actually pretty limited.

Cat litter that works best for long haired breeds usually have larger, heavier granules that won’t stick to cat hair like regular litter. But, we must warn you, the larger granules aren’t the best when it comes to clumping and moisture retention.

We wanted to make sure we found the best cat litter for your long haired breed. So, after a full workday of research – a solid eight hours – scouring the internet for the best cat litter for long haired cats, the number one thing we discovered is that you want to buy a cat litter that is heavy and has large granules.

Even if it isn’t specifically made for long haired cats, a heavier, larger litter will work best when it comes to not sticking to your cat’s hair.

After multiple hours of research, we concluded that the best cat litter for long haired cats is Healthy Pet okocat Natural Wood Clumping Litter for Long Hair.  When you use this product, the dust and litter trails around the litter box will pretty much disappear, and it reduces odor.

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Why You Should Trust Our Review

We did a lot of research on this. A ton. Not only did it take us all day to just to find the products and read all of the reviews, then we had to spend another half-day of work writing the article – another four hours!We wanted to make sure we covered our bases and answered every question that you might have.Because there were very few options out there specifically designed for long haired breeds, we also looked at other litters that might work well, too. We did our due diligence to make it easy for you to find the best cat litter for long haired cats for your cat in just a matter of minutes.

What Features Did We Look For

Believe it or not, cat’s have preferences when it comes to their litter, so we kept that top of mind when looking for the best cat litter for long haired cats. Studies from feline behaviorists show that cats take their litter box seriously, and if something is happening they don’t like, they will eventually stop using it.This is especially true when it comes to poop sticking to their hair. They don’t want to do their business in a place where they can’t avoid wearing it. So, if your long haired cat hasn’t stopped using their litter box because of this problem, just wait, it will happen.But, this isn’t just about cleanliness, it’s also about health. Mats caused by poop and litter can cause skin irritation, which can lead to bacterial infections. If mats are not removed, it can cause sepsis and could possibly become fatal.Fecal mats, also known as pseudocoprostasis, can cause impaction or blockage of the colon, which could keep them from being able to eliminate solid waste. Fecal mats can cause a ton of terrible health problems, so you want to make sure that you have the right litter for your long haired cat. With our research, we discovered that the most important things to look for are:

  1. Material: There are a lot of different options when it comes to cat litter, with some of the most popular materials being wood, silica gel, or clay. Cats tend to prefer finer-grained instead of coarse, and unscented is usually the better option. But, when it comes to long haired cats, you want to opt for larger, heavier granules.
  2. Clumping Ability: Cats usually prefer clumping litter versus non-clumping litter. But, that isn’t always the case. The best thing to do is to try out each type with your cat to find out which one they like the best. 
  3. Surface: Long haired cats often prefer a smooth surface, and want a thin layer in their box. So, don’t overdo it!
  4. Price: Just because something is expensive, it doesn’t make it better. We wanted to make sure the product was worth the cash because we know this is something you have to buy on a regular basis.

Who is This Litter For?

This litter is specifically for people who own long haired cats. Because the long hair presents a unique set of litter problems, these products are designed to minimize the amount of litter and poop that gets caught in your cat’s hair so they can stay clean and healthy.Technically, any cat could use litter made for long haired cats. But, if you have a short-hair cat, regular litter should work just fine, and you really don’t need to keep reading.

How ​We Choose ​Our ​Products

As we told you earlier, we spent an entire day researching the best cat litter for long haired cats. We looked through all of the options on multiple websites like Amazon, Walmart, Target, Petco, Chewy, and PetSmart.Our original list had about twelve different options based on materials, clumping or non-clumping, and granule size.From there, we narrowed our list down to the top five based on what would work best for you and your long haired cat. Then, we went over hundreds of reviews to see what people were saying about the litter, checked out the product details, and went through all of the questions people were asking.We spent a lot of time trying to determine the best litter options for long haired cats.When we do our reviews here at Cat Kingpin, we take pride in our research and comb over every possible detail. We want to make sure that we understand what it is that our readers need, and find the products that fit those needs.Basically, we’ve done all of the hard work for you.

Our Top Choice – Healthy Pet okocat Natural Wood Clumping Litter Long Hair



  • Odor Control
  • Minimizes tracking
  • Superior Clumping
  • Doesn’t stick to fur



  • Price changes often
  • Difficult to Scoop

This cat litter is specifically designed for long haired breeds, and it really does the job when it comes to odor control. This natural wood clumping cat litter has dense, whole clumping pellets so your cat will not be carrying it through the house.

Cats love the soft feel of the pellets of the Healthy Pet okocat Natural Wood Clumping Litter Long Hair on their paws, and this litter is also biodegradable and flushable.

The biggest complaint about this litter is that the price often fluctuates. And, for some pet parents, it is a bit difficult to scoop because you have to do a lot of shaking so the little sticks can fall through the slots.

 Premium Pick  – Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat Long Haired Cat Litter



  • Odor Control
  • Minimal tracking
  • Doesn’t stick to fur
  • Easy to scoop



  • Price
  • Needs changing often

This litter will keep your cat clean and healthy because it has the particle size that long haired cats prefer. It won’t stick on your kitty’s coat, and they won’t track it through your home.

Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat Long Haired Litter is silica gel litter with hydrolyzed herbs that draws your cat to the litter box. It traps urine and odor on contact, and it is easy to scoop.

It is also biodegradable, hypoallergenic, and non-toxic.

The only drawbacks are the price, and you need to change it pretty often because it will start to smell after about five days.

 Budget Friendly  – Nature’s Miracle Intense Defense Clumping Litter



  • Traps odor
  • Fast Clumping
  • Dust Free
  • Price/Money Back Guarantee



  • Not specifically for long haired cats
  • Poor packaging

This litter has a fast-acting, clumping formula that is super absorbent. It trap odors and begins to destroy urine, feces and ammonia odors on contact. Nature’s Miracle Intense Defense Clumping Litter is also 99% dust free, and the quick clumping makes the chore of cleaning out your cat’s litter box easy.

The biggest drawback with this litter is the fact that it isn’t made specifically for long haired breeds. And, some customers have complained about the packaging, saying that the bags aren’t strong enough to hold the litter. Instead, they recommend buying the jug with the lid.

Other Choice: sWheat Scoop Fast Cat Litter Clumps



  • Odor control
  • All natural, biodegradable
  • Excellent absorption
  • Easy to scoop



  • Slight tracking
  • Price
  • Not specifically for long haired cats

SWheat Scoop is an all-natural cat litter made from naturally renewable wheat. It doesn’t have any harmful ingredients typically found in clay litter, the natural wheat enzymes neutralize odor on contact, and wheat starches clump firmly for easy scooping.

However, because it isn’t made specifically for long haired cats, you might find a little bit of tracking, or some could end up in your cat’s hair. However, compared to regular litter, you should see a big improvement.

Other Choice: SmartCat All Natural Clumping Litter



  • Odor control
  • Soft on paws
  • Clumps on Contact
  • Absorbs moisture



  • Not specifically for long haired cats
  • Price

This litter is dust-free, and it has a quick clumping action that traps odor. SmartCat All Natural Clumping Litter can be easily scooped, and cats seem to love the texture. It is made from a combination of US farmed grasses, and it is lightweight litter that performs well.

However, since it is not made specifically for long haired cats, it can get into your cat’s hair. But, you will see a big improvement compared to other litter.

Care and Maintenance

When it comes to cat litter for long haired cats, the care and maintenance is the same as any other cat litter.

  • Scoop it out on a daily basis – The amount of times that you need to scoop each day depends on how many cats are using it. You want the litter box to be cleaned out so your cat doesn’t feel dirty and decide to go to the bathroom somewhere else.
  • Completely change the litter once a week – Empty the litter box entirely and wash it with soap and water. This will keep the litter box from smelling bad and keep it clean for your cat.
  • Don’t Use Chemicals – Do not clean your litter box with ammonia or bleach because cats are very sensitive to smells, and the chemical odor may cause your pet to avoid the box. Certain chemicals can also be unhealthy for cats.
  • Don’t Overfill the box with Litter – Our research shows that long haired cats prefer a thin layer of litter in their box. So, keep it at around an inch deep to keep your cat healthy and happy.

​Answers to Common Questions

Does this litter work well with the automatic litter boxes?

In the reviews from every litter we recommended, they all worked just fine with the automatic litter boxes.

What makes litter specifically made for long haired cats different than other litters?

Long Haired Litter traps urine and odor on contact and has a larger particle size that long haired cats prefer. It will not adhere to the cat’s long fur and it will not color the coat.

You don’t want your cat litter and poop sticking to your cat’s long hair or being tracked throughout your home. Not only is that unsanitary, but it also a threat to your cat’s health.

I have one long haired cat and one short haired cat, can they both use litter made just for long haired cats?

Absolutely yes. Short-haired cats should have no problem using this litter. Just because they don’t have the same problems with getting litter and feces caught in their fur, it doesn’t mean this litter won’t work well for them.However, cats do have preferences. Some cats might not like the litter. So, if you have a cat that doesn’t like the long haired cat litter, try mixing it up with regular litter or consider having separate litter boxes for each cat.

What is the best scoop to use with this litter?

Some regular scoop slots are too narrow to allow the pellets of some of the long haired cat litter to pass through. So, you might have to buy a “giant” scoop with wider slots.

How long does the litter last?

This will depend on what brand you buy and how many cats you have. The size of the bag is also a factor. Just remember, you want to scoop out the cat poop once a day. And, you should be completely changing out the litter once a week, and also cleaning the litter box with soap and water. Long haired cats tend to like a thin layer of litter, so don’t overfill the litter box. You will be wasting litter and going through it much faster.

Is this litter softer on my cat’s paws?

The litter that is specifically made for long haired cats should be softer on the paws. But, it will depend on what specific brand you buy and what it is made out of. Many long haired cats seem to love wood, grass, and silica gel, but it really comes down to your specific cat’s preferences.

​Final Thoughts

There are so many different kinds of cat litter to choose from that it can be difficult to know what to use. There is clumping and non-clumping, scented and unscented, and different materials like wood, silica gel, clay, grass, and renewable wheat.

Then, you have to take into consideration how many cats you have and how long their hair is!

There are not many litters that are specifically made for long-hair cats. But, our research covered every option on the market, and we chose the five best that will reduce the amount of litter and feces that gets stuck to your cat’s long hair. And, the best cat litter for long haired cats is Healthy Pet okocat Natural Wood Clumping Litter Long Hair.

Just remember, when it comes down to it, every cat has their own preferences. So, it is a good idea to keep trying until you find one that your fur baby is happy to use. You want your kitty to be happy and healthy!

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